Posted by: vlibrizzi | September 13, 2010

A French Wedding

This past weekend C. and I went to our first French wedding in the charming town of Craon.

The wedding started with a traditional Catholic mass at 3:30 pm. The mass was all in French, so it wasn’t so easy for C. and me to follow, but the music (a full orchestra and choir!!!) were absolutely beautiful.

C. and I had to keep pinching ourselves to make sure that we weren’t dreaming!!!

Then, at the end of the wedding, the bride and groom greeted their guests on the steps of the church.

In addition to many bridesmaids and groomsmen (who each have to get up in church to sign the marriage contract along with the bride and groom), our friends had six young children in adorable matching outfits, as part of their attendants.

The one faux pas that I committed at the wedding was not wearing a hat!

Almost every woman in the church was wearing some kind of hat….and each one was more unique than the last.  At times I felt like I was at the Paris fashion week!

I had C. covertly snap a photo of two of my favorite hats above.

After the ceremony, we all walked over to the Chateau de Craon (check out this link….it’s an amazing place!) and met up with some of our old INSEAD friends (photo above).

I stole the bride away for a minute to take a photo with her and another INSEAD friend. Don’t you love her gown!?!?

Then, after an hour of all you can eat oysters, passed hors d’oeuvres, and all the champagne you could drink, we all walked to the Chateau’s carriage house for the reception.

The bride and groom entered to their favorite song as all of the guests waved their napkins in anticipation for the party to begin.

Then, after some toasts, we all sat down to our wonderful meal. Gosh, how I love French food! Chicken stuffed with foie gras, buttery mashed potatoes, chocolate domes, fresh fruit, and strong red wine….yum!


After eating, we thought the dancing would begin, but we found out that French do not do weddings like us Americans.

By about midnight, after gorging ourselves on amazing food and listening to about twenty heartwarming and funny speeches from friends and relatives of the bride and groom, we were then invited to go outside for coffee and…more desserts!!!!

Only at about 12:30 did the music and dancing begin.

And it didn’t begin with the top 40 hits as in the US either. Non.

The first songs the DJ played were old Rock and Roll hits. C. and I watched as all of the french guests did the jitterbug, swing dances, and grooved to Elvis!

Then, after about an hour or so of the old Rock and Roll, the Euro music we have grown to love by living in France began.

C. and I danced with our friends, and then took a break to have some crepes (yum-o!) and champagne!

The party didn’t end until around 6 am (as is common for most French weddings) and the wedding didn’t end until Sunday afternoon when the bride and groom invited all the guests back to the chateau for a brunch.

In all, it was probably the nicest wedding we’ve ever been to…and was definitely worth the trip all the way to France. We’d do it again any day.

Felicitations V et N! Nous vous souhaitons un heureux mariage!


  1. How very interesting! I will share this with my French class if you don’t mind. After living in France for a year, I never was able to attend a French wedding. I love the cultural notes!

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