Posted by: vlibrizzi | March 8, 2010

Polly Gets a Tan: Our Long Weekend in Miami

Before I get too far into this post, I wanted to apologize for letting Polly Voo Franzay posts lag for so long. Since we’ve moved back to the U.S., and have gone back to work after our year of lots of eating, traveling and sleeping in, the weeks have flown by, and I can’t believe that it has been more than two months since I’ve last posted! Shame on Ms. Polly! 🙂

But, now I’m back, I’ve updated my “Books I’ve Read” list, and here’s my latest post….

A few weeks ago, C. and I flew to Miami to visit some friends from our time at INSEAD. They were wonderful hosts, and we loved having the time to catch up with them, and enjoy the warm weather. Suffice it to say, it was nice to get out of chilly Boston for a few days.

We arrived on  Saturday afternoon, and after dropping off our bags at our friends’ amazing apartment right in the heart of South Beach (a block away from Lincoln Road!), we went out to dinner for our first of many wonderful Miami meals that weekend.

We had reservations at a small cajun-influenced restaurant called Red Light ( Although it was a chilly night (not Boston chilly, but cold for a Miami evening in February), we sat outside under a heat lamp, and after a few yummy drinks from the bar, we didn’t notice the chill anymore. And, although the service was definitely sub-standard, the food definitely made up for the waiters and the loooong wait for the food to arrive (C. said it was the best meal we had the whole weekend). We all shared the grilled cheese  and the BBQ shrimp (both are a must!).

Then, later that night, we drove over to the Fontainebleau (the new, posh night spot in Miami) for a drink at the bar. We thought it was a bit ironic to be out with friends who we met in Fontainebleau, sharing a drink at the Fontainebleau. What a crazy world, eh?

You can see a photo of the main bar at the Fontainebleau in the photo to the left. And below, you can see the four of us (les amis de Fontainebleau) below.

The next morning, we slept in late and then had brunch reservations at a place called Michael’s Genuine ( To me, this was our best meal of the weekend. It was a tapas-style brunch place with amazing egg dishes, and really fun drinks. Honestly, I think we ordered at least one of everything on the menu (we couldn’t resist), but my favorites were the melon ball drink, the kimchi bloody mary, and for food, well, the homemade pop tarts and doughnuts, for sure, and for savory choices, the double yolk egg and the wild salmon-fennel hash.

After trying to stay awake after some serious food comas, we drove over to some great fish markets and bought some fresh crab claws  to make for a later dinner that night, with some homemade coleslaw. Then, we tried to walk off our lunch by walking along Lincoln road (and, yes, doing some shopping too). Then, later that evening, we had our homemade dinner and played Cranium until late in the night. Although C. and I lost, we had so much fun…and we’re ready for a re-match.

Then, on Monday morning, C. and I went for run along the boardwalk. It was a beautiful day and it was such a treat to be able to run along the ocean.

After our run we went out for a yummy sushi lunch on Lincoln Road. I’m not sure of the name of the particular sushi place we went to, but according to our friends, good sushi in Miami is not nearly as hard to find as it is here in Boston. Sushi and sake…the perfect meal for a warm day in the Miami sunshine.

Later that afternoon we all went to the beach and while C. and one of our friends played paddleball, I caught up on a few New Yorker issues that I’d been wanting to read for awhile.

That evening we had our last Miami meal, at a wonderful tapas place called Sra. Martinez ( We had a lovely, long meal outside under a heat lamp. The food was fabulous! In particular, I loved the croquetas, the bacon wrapped dates, and the butifarra. Yum! If you are in Miami, you must go to this place. The food is fabulous, the building is very cool, and the staff is so helpful.

Then, as all things, our weekend away had to come to an end. We flew back to Boston on Tuesday morning and got caught smack-dab into a snowstorm. But we didn’t mind; we were still warm, and our stomachs were still pleasantly filled, from our too-short time in Miami.


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