Posted by: vlibrizzi | December 15, 2009

Lunch at L’Huiterie Regis and a walk around Montmartre

I’ve been dying to try oysters in Paris, and since our time in France is coming to a close, I was even more determined to try them out. So, the other day, a friend and I visited L’Huiterie Regis, an oysters-only restaurant near St. Germain (metro: Mabillon or St. Germain). Although oysters are supposedly not best in December (according to a friend, oysters are most in season in months that end in a “y”), we had to try them anyway. 

So, we sat down to a dozen oysters each and a glass of sweet glass of Muscat at the small (only about 5 tables), but adorable, restaurant. The oysters were fabulous….by far, the best oysters either one of us had ever eaten, and the wine paired so nicely. We were in food heaven! 

After lunch we had plans to walk around the Christmas Markets along St. Germain, but there were only a few stalls (bummer!) so we met up with C. at the St. Germain metro and walked over to the Carrefour d’Odeon so that he could grab a sandwich at L’Avant Comptoir (he wasn’t invited to our girls only lunch of oysters, but he didn’t mind…he loved his roast beef sandwich at L’Avant Comptoir). You can see me holding C.’s sandwich while he takes a photo of us in front of the restaurant.

Our friend had to run to work, so C. and I, decided to fulfill another one of my Paris goals—walking around Montmartre. 

Over a year ago, when we came to France to check out whether we were up for taking the plunge and moving to Fontainebleau, we met up in Paris with C.’s sister and her friend who were studying abroad in Europe. The four of us wanted to walk around Montmartre, but there was some kind of wine festival going on that crammed the streets. While we loved sipping on wine outdoors, we didn’t love the crowds…and didn’t get to really enjoy or explore the neighborhood. 

So, on a chilly Wednesday when there was bound to be barely any crowds, C. and I climbed the hill again to explore the neighborhood. According to one of C.’s Parisian friends, the area around Montmartre is not as tourist-y as the square selling self-portraits may seem. Actually, it is a really quaint residential neighborhood with really desirable real estate for locals. As you can see in the photo to the left, there are some really beautiful apartments along the steep hill. 

And, although the main restaurants and square were mostly filled with tourists, there were still some locals there as well. For example, at this famous restaurant right off of the main square, there were a few people having a quick cup of coffee, while others (locals and tourists alike) strolled by. It was such a great, relaxed scene…which was quite the opposite from the first time we visited the neighborhood.

(the main square with the artists selling their paintings. For a small fee, they’ll quickly sketch your self portrait)

(a view of Montmartre from the base of the mountain)

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