Posted by: vlibrizzi | November 23, 2009

Un samedi tres francais: Dejeuner chez nous, Beaujolais Nouveau, Chez L’Ami Jean, and Christmas Markets

With only a few more weeks left here in France, we’re trying to take advantage of la vie francaise.

So, on Saturday morning we visited our local poissonerie, the boulangerie, and the fromagerie (in that order!) to make a dejeuner typiquement francais. 

We invited some friends over and had a long, lovely lunch of grilled cabillaud, cepes in a garlic white wine sauce, a salad with roquefort and local apples, and lots of French wine. Our friends brought an absolutely delectable chocolate mousse cake and some strong French cheese (a type of epoisse from the famous Barthelemy fromagerie)….so, clearly, we ate well, and had a really nice time. 

Afterward, we headed into Paris in the afternoon to visit some friends at a wine bar to try the recently released Beaujolais Nouveau (it arrived last Thursday, and, since then, all of the restaurants, bars, and wine shops around Paris have been having release parties). We shared a few bottles of wine—heck, the French say you must drink the Beaujolais nouveau quickly since if you let it keep for a few months, it immediately depreciates in quality…so… nous faisons comme le font les Francais. 🙂

Later in the evening, we went out for dinner at Chez L’Ami Jean, in the 7th. Although we’d been trying to make reservations for days at this tiny place, and the only way we were actually able to get a table was by actually going there the day before to make a reservation (ugh!), all of the hassle was definitely worth it. We loved their selection of cuisine Sud-Ouest—tete de veau, vegetable veloute, and grilled lomo, as well as the strong bottle of Irouleguy wine from the Pays Basque that we shared.  C. thought his plat was the best main course he’s had all year — and we’ve had a few!

After a day of so much feasting, we needed to walk around a bit, so went over to the Place de Concorde to visit the Christmas Markets that line the end of the Champs Elysses. Although the markets were definitely tourist-y, it was fun to be outside sipping vin chaud and walking past the different booths selling jewelry, scarves, and some local foods. 

Honestly, I don’t know how I’m going to go back to the U.S. in a few weeks. Life here is just too good.


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