Posted by: vlibrizzi | November 21, 2009

Tapas in Paris? Yes!

One thing we clearly miss from our summer road trip in Spain is all of the wonderful finger foods in Spain’s tapas bars. But, when we returned to France, we reset our palates and readjusted ourselves to the long and formal three-course menus of eating in France (not that we mind!).  We were not thinking that there could be a French tapas bar worthy of all of the Spanish ones we visited this summer.

But last night….we found it. The restaurant, L’Avant Comptoir, which is perfectly located in the carrefour d’Odeon, was the answer to our tapas rut in France.  Best of all, it’s not trying to be like a bar in Barcelona — it’s a wine/tapas bar with a distinctly French feel.  The items on the menu have a bit of a fancy French flair, and they serve a great variety of French wines for great prices (a rarity in Paris).

We stood for hours (no seating…of course, it’s a tapas bar!) sipping French wine (Beaujolais Nouveau…t’is the season), and sharing our French tapas of grilled cepes, artichokes with fleur de sel and olive oil, salmon croquettes, and olives…all with warm, crusty French bread. I think we were in heaven! And to top things off, we even got a banana-chocolate crepe to go (one of the best I’ve ever had). I never knew that there could be a place that could blend both our love of French food and the great tapas places of Spain…but now there is. You must visit it if you’re in Paris!


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