Posted by: vlibrizzi | November 20, 2009

We go “desi”

It’s Indian national week at INSEAD (or, as they call it, Desi Week). 

So, when C. got to school on Monday the place was filled with Indian decorations and there was a card in his school mailbox with a picture of him as a “Desi”—see what you think in the photo to the left. 

The theme of the week is “Indian Wedding,” so the students selected a couple to “get married” and the events throughout the week are all variations on that theme. For example, there have been bachelor and bachelorette parties, Bollywood dancing lessons (to get the wedding guests ready for the party, I guess), Indian cooking lessons (not sure how that exactly relates to the whole wedding theme), a “Royal Dinner and Dance,” and finally, the wedding (which, don’t worry, was not really an ACTUAL wedding).


So yesterday evening, we accompanied the groom into his “wedding. He was riding a stuffed horse and was dressed in traditional wedding garb. Once he entered the amphi, his bride-to-be was there waiting for him. Then they walked around the “fire” (or in our case, a table, since you’re not allowed to have fires at INSEAD…boo!), exchanged garlands, and then they were “married.”

And then, last night, we went to the wedding reception—a.ka. the party. The Desi week committee flew in an Indian pop duo from Canada called JoSH. They take American hip hop songs and put them to an Indian beat—pretty cool! 

The whole week made me want to just jump on a plane and fly to India. Wouldn’t that be nice….


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