Posted by: vlibrizzi | November 4, 2009

Exploring Paris in the Rain and Dinner at Willi’s Wine Bar

A few weeks ago, we decided that want to really take advantage of our proximity to Paris before we have to leave at the end of the year, so C. has decided to spend the day with me in Paris on as many weekdays as he can. I’m going to try to hold him to that promise ūüôā

So yesterday, after spending most of the morning at home catching up on Mad Men episodes while waiting for the rain to stop, we took the train into Paris.

While I was in class, C. roamed around the Left Bank. He found a great area, north of the Boulevard St Germain in the 6th and 7th, where the streets are lined with tons of little antique shops, art galleries, and old book stores.

1998-xThen, he met me after class and he showed me all of the new streets and stores he has found. When the rain started to pick up, we walked over to Willi’s Wine Bar (on Rue de Petit Champs in the 1st arrondisement). We sat at the bar for an hour or so sharing glasses of red wine from the Cote de Rhone, while we watched the rain outside. We decided not to brave the elements again, so we asked for a table and had a really¬†great meal. I had a casoulette of mussels and vegetables,¬†and then cabillaud with risotto and pesto. C. had the restaurant’s Autumn menu of Saint-jaques in a shell, then a wonderful agneau, and finally, figs roasted in their own juices.

The restaurant was filled last night with ex-pats, tourists, and locals. And everyone was eager to buy the restaurant’s posters which are created each year by a different parisian artist. In particular, we liked the poster from 1998 by Xavier Mariscal which I’ve pasted above What do you think?


  1. what I think is that you need to purchase a copy of this poster to hang in your home{s] over the years, as a remembrance of a wonderful year. So if you haven’t done that, the time is now.

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