Posted by: vlibrizzi | November 1, 2009

Halloween in Fontainebleau

On Friday I was walking around Paris with a friend when we stopped into a chocolate shop to look at some of the scant Halloween chocolate displays they had. While inside, we struck up a conversation with a Canadian couple who were desperate to find a pumpkin to carve for Thanksgiving.  According to them, there are no pumpkins in Paris….they had looked everywhere.

That’s kind of the way Halloween is celebrated here in France. Some people/places recognize it; others just don’t. 

So, while walking around Fontainebleau on a Halloween evening we were thoroughly surprised to see a few trick-or-treaters. In total we saw about 10 little kids with bags filled with candy—about half of them were dressed in costume; the other half were not. 

Halloween Me and ValPersonally, I don’t think you should get any candy if you’re not even dressed up, but the kids were cute (as are all French kiddos, in my opinion) so who could say no to those cute, chubby cheeks and posh outfits that the French parents always dress their kids up in? 

We celebrated Halloween in much the same way. We didn’t carve pumpkins, give candy to trick-or-treaters (apparently the kids don’t go from house to house to get candy, but rather, go from store to store which are handing out candy), or tell ghost stories, but we did go to a Halloween party at a chateau where students from C’s school live. 

We dressed up as two of our favorite current TV characters, Betty and Don Draper from the show, Mad Men on AMC (if you haven’t seen it yet, you gotta check it out). Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hair to look exactly like Betty’s (I didn’t have a curling iron or hair spray), we didn’t actually by cigarettes to smoke like the Drapers, and C’s black tie that we bought at a costume shop was a bit too short, but tant pis! It was Halloween and we made the best of it.

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