Posted by: vlibrizzi | October 26, 2009

Southeast Asia Trip: Hong Kong

DSC_0016On Friday night, we flew from Bangkok to Hong Kong to spend a weekend in the city before flying back to Paris on Sunday night. 

After bouncing around for the last week from country to country, we were looking forward to spending a few days in a city that was safe, where we could speak English, and where we could finally drink the water again! To us, Hong Kong was all that we had been waiting for 🙂

As soon as we arrived, we went out to dinner in Soho at a  great Vietnamese restaurant called Song (which was recommended to us by a friend). We enjoyed our mixed drinks (something that the French have not yet learned how to make), and our yummy spring rolls and lemongrass beef. 

After dinner, we went out to have a drink at one of the bars in Soho. The neighborhood was absolutely packed…with ex-pats from the U.S. and England. C. and I felt like we were out for a drink in the South End of Boston or in NYC, not at all in Southeast Asia. 

DSC_1248The next day, after sleeping in, we did what most Hong Kong residents do on a weekend morning—go out for Dim Sum.

We were looking forward to having Dim Sum in Hong Kong since we started planning out trip, and the place we went to exceeded all of our expectations. The restaurant, Majesty Seafood, was a huge, gaudy room with waiters buzzing about (see photo to the left). We ordered our barbequed pork buns and steamed shrimp dumplings by checking the items off of a list on our table. The food came out within minutes (if there’s one thing we’ve learned about the Chinese from being in Hong Kong, it’s that they’re extremely efficient), and we dug in. Everything we ordered was wonderful….but so filling. 

DSC_1251So, in order to work off our huge Dim Sum brunch, we walked all around the city visiting the many outdoor markets. We found some really good buys at the Ladies’ Market, and loved walking through this fruit and vegetable market in the photo to the left. 

The city was so alive and busy…it felt like we were in Manahattan, with all the skyscrapers and crowded streets. 




DSC_0010As the sun began to set, we walked over to the Tsim Shat Tsui promenade to see the island of Hong Kong all lit up at night from the Kowloon side of the city. The views were breathtaking and walking along the promenade was a nice, romantic way to spend our evening, after walking through the crowded markets all day.

Later that night, we needed to do something to appease our angry stomachs (I think they’d had enough of experimental Asian cuisines), so we went out to Soho again to an Italian restaurant so that we could order some more normal food (for us). 

Then, we took the mid-level escalator (the longest escalator in the world) to another bar in Soho that was so crowded that people spilled out onto the street. The weather was perfect, so we sat next to a window and enjoyed the views and the crowds around us, knowing that in a few days we’d be back in chilly France. 

DSC_0013On Sunday we met one of C.’s former colleagues for lunch at a restaurant in the swanky IFC mall (home to the sixth largest tower in the world). You can see one of the malls (there are many linked malls that comprise the IFC), in the photo to the left. We ate lunch at an Italian restaurant called Isola and enjoyed our risotto and pasta on an outside deck (many, many stories up) overlooking the city. It was such a peaceful way to spend an afternoon, and the food was amazing!



DSC_0020Later that day, we took the famous tram up to the top of Victoria Peak to see the city from above at sunset. Unfortunately, the lines to take the tram were quite long, so we missed the sunset, but we didn’t mind….the views were awesome! 

We then spent some time walking around the city (you can get around many parts of the city along elevated walkways so you don’t ever have to worry about crossing a crowded street), and were amazed by how beautiful, clean, and safe Hong Kong is. 

Although we didn’t expect it, our weekend in Hong Kong was one of the best few days of our trip. By the end we felt so relaxed, and were ready to return soon. Now if only Hong Kong weren’t a 13 hour flight from Paris….



  1. 13 hours? Babies! Try the ATL – Mumbai one at 16.5 hours!
    Just kidding.

    It looks like Hong Kong was a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see more pics. Glad you’re back safe and sound now, though.

  2. This trip seems like it was amazing! Hope you have an easy return to France.

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