Posted by: vlibrizzi | October 12, 2009

Craving that “Fall Feeling?” Take a walk around Pere Lachaise

Yesterday was a perfect fall day here in France. It was cloudy with small bits of sunshine every once in awhile, a bit breezy so that you could see the leaves falling off of the trees, and there was a bit of a nip to the air so you felt your cheeks getting a bit chilly.

It made us think of October days at home—apple picking, football game watching, pie making, and trick or treating.

Since we don’t know of any local apple picking farms, we can’t watch American TV here in France (American sports have not caught on that much here),  we don’t have an oven to bake anything in, let alone pies, and it’s too early for Halloween (which apparently some French people celebrate), C. and I decided to head into Paris to visit the famous Pere Lachaise cemetery yesterday afternoon.

perelachaise01crUnfortunately, we forgot to bring our camera with us, so I’ve found some photos online from the website, (the exclusive proprietor of all of the images in this particular blog post).

Like Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Pere Lachaise is absolutely huge and quite beautiful in it’s own right. We walked around for over two hours through the falling leaves and weaving in between tombs, and only saw one small section of the cemetery.

At first, we had wanted to find some of the tombs of famous people, such as Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Eugene Delacroix, and Edith Piaf (to name a few), but we found it to be quite difficult to locate their tombs among the hundreds surrounding them. It seems as if all famous French people are buried there!

perelachaise03crAt the entrance of the cemetery, we asked the guard for a map (who didn’t seem to have any at first, but when I asked politely in French, they miraculously appeared from under a clipboard…oh, I’m so glad I’m trying to learn this language!). But, even though we had a map, we were only able to find Jim Morrison’s grave (which was easily located since it was surrounded by tons of tourists), Abelard and Heloise’s tomb (also easily located since it is a huge monument), and Eugene Delacroix’s tomb.

Although we weren’t as successful on our hunt for famous people’s tombs as we would have liked, we really enjoyed just walking around the cemetery. It was so peaceful and quiet in there…it was hard to believe that we were, literally, in the middle of Paris!

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