Posted by: vlibrizzi | September 26, 2009

A Walk in the Forest

This afternoon C. and I went for a walk in the Fontainebleau forest. Since the weather has been so nice over the past few weeks, we’ve been taking quite a few walk/runs in the forest, but this time, we took our camera with us. 

Here’s some of the photos we took:




Here are two photos of some of the boulders in the forest. Some of them are absolutely huge.















Some of the boulders made natural forts, which, of course, we had to go through. 🙂








Some of the leaves are beginning to change. 

Actually a few days ago, some of my classmates asked my French teacher where the best places to experience autumn in France is, and her first answer was the Fontainebleau forest! Who knew?














Here’s C. waving hello from one of the forts we found in the forest. In total, I think we saw three of them. Who lives in these places? 
















This is a manmade path through some boulders. Very cool!












This is one of the paths we followed this afternoon.








And, on our way back into Fontainebleau, we saw these hot air balloons flying over the chateau. 

I’m glad we had our camera with us.

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