Posted by: vlibrizzi | September 22, 2009

The Paris Tour Guide: Days 1 and 2–The Iles and the Orsay

For the past four days,  my friend A. from the U.S., has been visiting us in Fontainebleau. 🙂 Since she had never been to Paris before, we wanted to show her around the city. But, as some of my friends from INSEAD will agree, sometimes its difficult to decide exactly what to show your friends in Paris when they’re only here for  a limited number of days. Should you take your guests to only see the famous tourist-y sights, or should you try to avoid those places and see the more neighborhood-y parts of the city? Ideally, I think it’d be best to do a little of both. 

So, although I’m not an expert in all things Paris and have lived here in France for less than a year, I thought I’d share with you what A. and I did for five days in Paris. 

Day 1: The Latin Quarter and The Iles

IMG_1493A. arrived on Thursday morning so we had a lot of time for trekking around the city. We put her luggage in a locker in the Gare de Lyon train station (very safe and very affordable at only 7 euros per day), and then we started walking around. First, though, we got A. a Paris Visite five day pass which allowed her unlimited us of the metro, the train to and from Fonty, and the buses for only 50 euro! 

Then, we walked around the the Latin Quarter, stopped for a quick lunch at a cafe, took photos of the Pantheon, stopped to admire the beautiful yellow and purple flowers in the Luxembourg gardens (see photo to the left), and then parted at the Saint Michel statue. While I was in class in the afternoon, A. visited the nearby Ile de la Cite to see the Notre Dame, breezed past the Saint Chapelle church, and then stopped in the Deportation memorial. 

Here are some of her photos. 



The main altar at the Notre Dame












The Deportation Memorial











The St. Michel statue where we met up everyday after my classes ended. 









Day 2: The Orsay, The Eiffel Tower, The Ile St. Louis, and The Champs-Elysees

IMG_1588On Friday, while I was in class, A. visited the d’Orsay musuem. She loved the amazing amounts of Impressionist art in their collection. It is pretty fantastic. You can see a photo of the museum that A. took to the left.









IMG_1601From the Orsay, she stayed on the same metro line (RER C) and took it a few stops more to the Eiffel Tower. While there, she was able to walk around the park and snap some photos of the monument, and have someone take the photo of her in front of the tower (photo to the left).










Then, after class, we met up and were a bit hungry so we walked from St. Michel to the Ile St. Louis to get some yummy Berthillion ice cream. I was feeling adventurous and tried a scoop of the salted caramel with a scoop of hazelnut. They were amazing! 








IMG_1605From the Ile St. Louis, we took the metro over to the Champs-Elysees to stroll the street. We stopped in La Duree to sample some of their world-famous macarons, and then we stopped in some high-end shops just to look around. 😉

We stopped our walk at the Arc d’Triomphe, snapped a quick photo, and then got on the Metro at Etoile and then headed back to Fontainebleau.

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