Posted by: vlibrizzi | September 9, 2009

An unproductive day, or was it?

Since we’ve decided to stay in France for the rest of 2009  instead of going to Singapore in October (Horray!), we have a few things to sort out with our visas. Somehow I need to figure out how to extend mine, and I need to prove that I am a full-time student in order to do so. 

So, C. took the train into Paris this afternoon after his classes ended in order to join me on my quest to get to the bottom of this visa issue.

But, we were hungry.

So we needed to stop for lunch first.

C. read about this great place on Rue Broca called L’orucine that we just had to try out. So we stopped there before we set off to do our errands. 

But, as always in France, lunch took longer than expected—the food was just too good to eat quickly! (For a quick run-down: C. started with a cauliflower and chorizo cold veloute soup, then had a really tender cut of pork with mashed potatoes. I had braised veal with a side dish of peas and lardons. For dessert we shared a peach foam concoction with raspberries and berry sorbet. Fabulous!)

After lunch, we got ourselves a bit off track while wandering through the Latin Quarter, up Rue Mouffetard, and then past the Panthenon. 

Then, to further complicate things, we somehow lost track of the time and before we knew it, it was 4:10….and the place we needed to be closed at 4!

Yes, at 4! 

Is there anywhere in the U.S. that opens at 10 a.m, closes for lunch from 12-2, and then closes for the day at 4? That’s only four hours of work per day! Ridiculous!

So, we weren’t able to check off anything that we wanted to get accomplished this afternoon. 😦

After a minute or so of sitting on a bench feeling utterly dejected, C. reminded me that we were, in fact, in, uh-hem, Paris! So we should make the most of our afternoon.

His pep-talk cheered me up and we spent the afternoon visiting the permanent collection of art and sculpture at the Petit Palais (we highly recommend it!), and then strolling down the Champs Elysees. 

So, although we were a bit delayed this afternoon, and didn’t make it to the office before it closed at an utterly un-godly hour, we still had a great time in Paris. 

Now, I just have to figure out a time that I can get all these pesky visa “trucs” accomplished.


  1. Hi Val! How come you guys aren’t going to Singapore? Miss you back in Boston!

    • Hi!

      How are you? How’s the beginning of the school year going? How was the wedding last weekend?

      We’ve decided to stay in France for the rest of the year so that I could continue with my studies and so that we wouldn’t have to say goodbye to Fonty just yet 🙂

      We’re planning a trip to Southeast Asia in mid-October, though, to use up our free tickets to Hong Kong, and also to see some of the places we were hoping to visit when we were in Singapore.

      Miss you guys!

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