Posted by: vlibrizzi | September 8, 2009

An afternoon with the peacocks

DSC_0118It was only a few months ago that C. and I discovered that there is a beautiful public garden directly across the street from us. It is behind the walls of the chateau, and thus, is hidden from view  and is only open until about 6 pm (ugh), but it’s a beautiful space. 

To be honest, we heard the garden way before we saw it. When we first arrived here, we heard these awful screams coming from the garden. They sounded like a baby crying and would last throughout the night sometimes. We weren’t sure what it was, and we were too afraid to ask, so we just got used to it and tried to forget about it.


DSC_0134It was only when I stumbled upon the garden on a walk with a friend last spring that I realized that the screams are coming from, none other than… four beautiful peacocks who live in the garden (called “Diana’s Garden” by the chateau folks). 

So, this afternoon, C. and I spent some time with the peacocks. It was a beautiful, sunny day in the mid-80s, and I had just gotten back from class and C. was done for the day, so we took our books over to the garden to spend some time reading and watching the peacocks. 

It was a lovely afternoon spent realaxing and reading…something that we have to remind ourselves to treasure nowadays since it’s 1. getting chillier every day, and 2. we’ll be gone in just a few months 😦

Here are some more of the photos we took:





Here I am, reading on a bench while C. snaps some photos. 








This is the fountain in the middle of the garden. Pretty nice, huh?


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