Posted by: vlibrizzi | August 30, 2009

Mini-Vacation in the Alps: Biking and Strolling through Annecy

DSC_1531Just because we weren’t ready to end our summer vacation just yet, C. and I took a mini-vacation this past weekend to the Savoie region of France—a.k.a the Alps!

We took a high speed TGV train on Thursday morning from Paris to Annecy (only a 3 hour trip!). Once we arrived, we walked around the town, enjoying the views of the mountains in the distance and the canals underfoot. 

A friend who visited Annecy recently told me that the town is considered to be the “Venice of France” because it has so many cute canals running through it (as you can see in the photos to the left).

DSC_1516Honestly, I couldn’t believe how totally cute the town is. As we were walking around, C. and I agreed that Annecy is up there with Collioure, Roussillon, and Honfleur on our “Cutest towns in France” list—which is increasingly growing. 

We could have spent hours wandering through the streets, admiring the canals and the beautiful flower boxes that lined the bridges. 

But, of course, it was getting late…and we were getting hungry…



DSC_1538So we stopped for dinner at a great restaurant that served traditional Savoyarde cuisine called La Fretti, where we shared cheesy fondue and walnut salads. You can see me dipping my fork into the gooey gruyere fondue to the left.

After dinner, we walked to the lake in town, and got lost with the other tourists while walking through the maze-like streets.



DSC_1547On Friday, we woke up to a bright, sunny day, ready for a bike ride around the Lake in Annecy. The road around the lake is flat (for the most part) which makes it a perfect place to bike around. 

Unfortunately, the town interfered with our biking plans by hosting  some sort of a military parade that prevented us from getting to the bike rental store. 

Eventually, we somehow got around the tanks and gun-weilding soldiers, and made it to the bike rental place sans probleme.


DSC_1553Then, we spent the afternoon biking around the lake—which was so peaceful and fun. We then returned our bikes and headed back to town for a quick salmon burger (yummy!) at a restarant calle ContreSens. After lunch we caught a train to our next stop on our trip to Savoie: Chamonix. 

There’s lots to write about Chamonix, so I’ll post about that leg of our trip tomorrow. But until then, here are some more of our photos from Annecy:


































  1. so fun! megan took me there when i visited her last march–didn’t it feel like being in a fairy tale? (except that we were tromping around in ski clothes the whole time!) 🙂 must have been beautiful in the summer time.

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