Posted by: vlibrizzi | August 13, 2009

The Perfect Day: Belmar, NJ

This morning over breakfast, C. and I were talking about what would be the perfect day.

Since we have pretty much spent the last three months together uninterrupted, we were bound to get to an off-the-beaten-path topic eventually. 

As I started to consider my perfect day, I thought about all of the great places we’ve traveled, and all of the amazing meals we’ve had.

But, after some thought, I really couldn’t think of any other place that I’d like to be than at home with my family.  Mind you, I’ve spent the last week at my family’s beach house on the Jersey Shore, so my “perfect scenario” might be skewed by my recent experiences….but really, I don’t think I’d change a thing no matter how far removed I am. 

So here it is…

I’d wake up early in the morning in Belmar, NJ (the beach town where my family has had a house my whole life). After a breakfast of both a buttered poppy seed knip roll AND a crumb bun from Freedman’s Bakery on Main Street in Belmar. 

Then I’d go for a walk or a run on the Belmar boardwalk before the crowds show up. If it were my ideal day, the sun would be shining and there would be a slight breeze….nothing like the last couple days with 95 percent humidity and scorching heat!

DSC_1405I’d then go to the beach with my family and sit my beach chair at the edge of the water (something we’re not allowed to do because the salt water can rust the metal, but heck, it’s my day…I can live on the wild side a little bit).

For lunch I’d have a ham, salami, and provelone sub with extra oil and vinegar from Mike’s Subs in Belmar, with some of my mom’s iced tea. Doesn’t the sub in the photo to the left look just heavenly??!? Yum!

Later in the afternoon I’d take a walk on the beach with C., and then head back to the house to shower. I’d then sit on the porch with a mojito (made by my sister) and some triscuits with melted cheddar cheese (my dad’s specialty). 

We’d all go out to dinner at Vic’s Pizza in Bradley Beach, which makes, in my opinion, the best pizza in the world. We’d all share some tomato sauce with rolls as our appetizer and snack on a chopped antipasto while we waited for our thin crust pizza pies to come out of the oven. 

Later we’d walk to Strollo’s in Belmar to have some italian ice, and perhaps go for a late night bike ride, or just sit on the porch talking some more. 

It’d be a great day. Simple, but great.


Here are some photos of our last week (of perfect days) below:



My family (with Buddy, the dog) sitting on the front porch in Belmar.









All of us, plus two of our cousins, sharing a meal of Mike’s subs and Dr. Pepper in the dining room.







My brother and cousin.


  1. Stacey used to spend a lot of time in Belmar (her grandparents lived there) and she is totally with you on the crumb bun and Mike’s Subs!

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