Posted by: vlibrizzi | July 21, 2009

Summer Road Trip: Last Stop in Spain (Dali’s House in Cadaques)

Well our time in Spain has officially ended. but we left with a bang,  with a visit to the beautiful beach town of Cadaques and Salvador Dali’s summer home.

DSC_0966First, we had our last tapas lunch along the beach in town. The tapas weren’t wonderful…but it was great to be able to have some jamon iberico and some gaspacho on a hot day.

The two photos (to the left and below) are of the cute town, bustling with Spanish and French tourists.











DSC_1015Then, after lunch, we hiked to Port Lligat to visit Salvador Dali’s summer home. The house, which you can see in the photo to the left, was once a fisherman’s home, but then was completely converted by Dali, and fully reflects his eccentric style.





DSC_0979In each of the sections of the house, we were greeted by a tri-lingual tour guide who explained the room to us in detail (in French, Spanish, or English!). For example, the photo to the left is of one of Dali and his wife, Gala’s, sitting rooms. They seemed to love taxedermy…take a look at those stuffed swans!!!





DSC_0992In this photo, you can see C. standing in Dali’s bedroom. He had mirrors positioned in a certain way up in his living room so that he could have sunlight on his bed when he woke up in the morning.





DSC_0988This photo is of Dali’s studio, where you can see some of the last paintings he made — in fact, these works remain unfinished, as his wife died in this home, and he immediately abandoned his work, never returning to Port Lligat.  The design of this room is brilliant.  Dali had configued the home so that he could sit in his chair to paint, while the canvass (or in this case, wood plank) he was working on was attached to an elevator, moving the painting up or down as he worked. 









In his gardens outside, Dali created many sculptures, such as this one of a man made out of a boat and other scraps of metal.







And here’s us, sitting on a lips chair next to Dali’s phallic-shaped pool. He was an interesting guy…but an amazing artist!

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