Posted by: vlibrizzi | July 15, 2009

Summer Road Trip: Spontaneous Stop in Nerja

We underestimated the amount of time it would take for us to drive from Sevilla to Granada yesterday; for some reason we had it in mind that it would take 5 hours, but it only takes 2.5 hours. So we had more time than we thought! 

DSC_0666We didn’t know what to do at first, but then we checked out our Rick Steves book to see if there were any towns close to Granada that we could stop in for the day. 

Clearly, we were messed up with our geography of southern Spain, and we realized after looking at our maps that the Costa de Sol (the southern coast which is only a hop, skip, and a jump away from Morocco in Africa) is only a little more than an hour away from Granada. 

So we put on our sunglasses and sunblock and headed to the beach!


DSC_0668As soon as we arrived in Nerja (a cute town photographed above in the middle of the Costa del Sol), we wanted to find a place to grab lunch. We read in our book that there are some great paella places right on the beach. So we parked our car, and walked the paseo alongside the Burriana Beach to a large outside paella joint called Ayo’s. 

We sat at a plastic picnic table and shared an amazing plate of paella…and, of course, a pitcher of their famous sangria. 




DSC_0670You can see the cooks preparing the paella outside, near our table, in this photo.  Not a bad job to be cooking right on the beach!







DSC_0671We needed to walk off our lunch, and were eager to get our feet wet in the Mediterranean, so we walked along the Burriana beach to the Balcony of Europe. 






DSC_0678Here’s a photo of me sitting on some rocks, hoping not to get splashed by the water while C. takes a photo. 







DSC_0684And here’s a photo of one end of the Burianna beach. We snapped this photo on our walk toward the Balcony of Europe.







DSC_0689The Balcony of Europe has a great view of the ocean and of the town. You can see us standing on the balcony in the photo to the left. It was named by the king of Spain who visited the town after an eathquake, and gave a speech from this particular site where tried to rally support for the area by calling it the Balcony of Europe. Apparently the name stuck and tourists (like us) now come here to soak in the views.

We then walked back to our car, stopped to take some photos, ate some ice cream…and then we were off to Granada! 

It was a great spontaneous side trip…something that is, in our opinion, a real “road trip” experience.


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