Posted by: vlibrizzi | June 28, 2009

Our Summer Schedule

Tomorrow, C. and I depart for our two month summer trip. We’re packing up our apartment, loading up two suitcases, and gassing up Francois (our car) to drive to the south of France, into Spain, and then back to France. Then, in late July, we will fly from Marseilles to Dublin to see a U2 concert, and then will fly from Dublin back to the US for three weeks to visit family and friends. 

I have included our itinerary below, and will be blogging as often as I can so that you can keep tabs on our travels. 

Au Revoir and Adios!


Our Summer Schedule

summer tripJune 29-July 1 ~ Beyac, France in the Dordogne Region

July 2 ~ Bordeaux, France

July 2-4 ~ San Sebastien, Spain

July 5-10 ~ Madrid, Spain with day trips to Toledo, Spain

July 11 ~ Cordoba, Spain

July 12-13 ~ Seville, Spain

July 14-15 ~ Granada, Spain

July 16 ~ Valencia, Spain

Juy 17-19 ~ Barcelona, Spain

July 20-21 ~ Languedoc region of France

July 22-23 ~ Arles, France

July 24 ~ Nice, France

July 25-27 ~ Dublin, Ireland

July 28 ~ Return to the U.S.

July 31-August 5 ~ Boston

August 5-August 20 ~ New Jersey and New York

August 21 ~ Return to France



  1. Val:
    I wouldn’t be able to leave San Sebastian either ! All the food and wine sound very interesting! I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. I hope to get to see you and Chris when you are in the US Safe travels and God bless!

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