Posted by: vlibrizzi | June 28, 2009

Django Reinheardt Jazz Festival

DSC_0512We leave tomorrow for our trip to Spain and to the US, but what did C. and I do instead of packing today? 

Go to a jazz festival, of course 🙂


A few nights ago, we were invited to a barbeque at a friend’s house who lives in a nearby town called Samois sur Seine. We had heard from some other friends that there was a jazz festival in that town this weekend, but we didn’t know what to expect and aren’t huge fans of jazz music, so we weren’t too psyched about going. 

When we visited the town on Friday night though, it was completely packed and the festival, which takes place on an island, sounded great. As we walked back to our car from the barbeque and heard the jazz music in the distance, C. and I knew we had to buy tickets to go to the festival. 
DSC_0522So, we bought tickets for today. It was a beautiful, sunny day. We heard five different jazz groups: a quintet with a person who played the harmonica like I’ve never heard it played before, a young, jazz guitar soloist, a German guy who played the violin with a jazz band, a Sweedish guy who played the electric jazz guitar, and a Colombian band that mixed jazz and salsa music. 

Having never been to a jazz concert, let alone a whole festival, before, we had no idea what to expect. It turns out, though, that we really like jazz music. And, who couldn’t like it while sitting on an island, shaded by trees, in the middle of the Seine river? 


DSC_0531It was really a perfect afternoon. We would listen to the music, and then when we needed to stretch our legs for a bit, C. and I walked around the festival grounds. There were a bunch of jazz musicians playing their guitars throughout the island, and people would stop to listen to them play for a few minutes before moving onto the next guitarist. 

After listening to a few guitarists ourselves, we headed to the food area and picked up some yummy churros and some beer (yum!). We thought that the churros would get us in the mood for our next gastronomical stop…Spain! 



DSC_0523So, all in all, if I had to say what I learned from today, it would  be:

1) Packing is overrated

2) Jazz festivals are cool


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