Posted by: vlibrizzi | June 26, 2009

Seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkle at midnight…priceless?

DSC_0491Last night we went into Paris for dinner at the restaurant in the photo to the left with our guest from the U.S. The dinner was amazing and we loved eating at this famous, old-time French brasserie. Everyone loved their meals. We even convinced C.’s cousin from the US to try escargot…which she absolutely loved! I had a plate of wonderful oysters and then salmon and shrimp skewers. Then, for dessert, while everyone else dug into their profiteroles, I had pear and passion fruit Berthillon sorbet. Yum! 

We had planned to take a late night bateaux mouches ride through Paris, but we were having such a good time at dinner that we missed the last boat ride  and left the restaurant without knowing what to do next.

DSC_0494On a whim, we decided to take the metro out to the Trocadero stop to get a great view of the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. We had heard from friends that every hour on the hour, there is a light show at the Eiffel Tower where for four minutes the tower twinkles. 

Of course, we wanted to stay to see the twinkling tower at midnight, but the last train to Fontainebleau for the night is scheduled to leave at 12:30.

We thought, “Heck, we can always grab a cab to Gare de Lyon to grab the train back to Fontainebleau. No sweat!”

But as soon as we got into our taxi, we got stuck in a terrible traffic jam! At one point, I asked our driver if we would make it to the train station for the last train at 12:30. 

“Impossible,” he replied. 

Then, I really started to sweat!

We got out of the cab and ran to the train station but still got to the station about 10 minutes after the last train.

We had no idea what to do. Would we have to sleep on the streets of Paris? Was there any other way for us to get home?

Just then, we saw another taxi, asked the driver if he could take us to Fontainebleau (about an hour drive away) and he agreed to do it. Phew…we didn’t have to sleep on the Paris streets afterall! 

DSC_0507Although the price for our taxi ride home was quite steep, seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkle at midnight, and grabbing a quick kiss in front of it (see photo to the left) was definitely priceless.

I just think I will rely on the metro instead of the Paris streets next time 🙂

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