Posted by: vlibrizzi | June 24, 2009

Paris’ Summer Soldes

Instead of having sales throughout the year, all the stores in France devote five weeks every year to having sales—three weeks in January and two weeks in June/July.

During these weeks, the French people go nuts! The stores are packed, the lines are so long, and the people get up early and stay up late trying to find the best bargains.

One Parisian friend of mine told me that the best time to go to the “soldes” (sales in French) is on the first day because then you get to pick from the best merchandise. So, I brought a friend along with me today, the first day of the soldes,  and we dove into the crowds at the stores near Chatelet/Les Halles.

And, just as expected, the stores were trashed, we waited in line for almost 40 minutes, and our feet ached by the end of the day…BUT we got some really great bargains!

So at the end of the day, I can honestly say that the experience was all worth it.

It’s just like shopping on Black Friday in the US; you should do it once, learn your lesson, and then, next time wait to start your shopping on the second day of the sales 🙂


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