Posted by: vlibrizzi | June 23, 2009

Two Picnics in One Day

IMG_2739The weather was beautiful in France today…bright sunshine (something we haven’t had in awhile) and a slight breeze (see photo of the Luxembourg Gardens with wispy clouds in the sky to the left). 

So, it was the perfect day for a picnic…or two! 

Early this afternoon, I went into Paris with C.’s cousin and her boyfriend (A. and E.) to have a picnic in the Luxembourg Gardens. We first went to the Grand Epicerie at the Bon Marche to pick up our picnic foods which consisted of three types of cheese, a baguette, assorted pastries such as caramel filled beignets (heaven!), dried duck wraps (yum!), and, of course, some rose wine. It wasn’t the healthiest of picnic fare, but it was scrumptious so we tried not to care about the calories!

IMG_2737We then walked with our groceries to the Luxembourg Gardens, found a few chairs, and dined in style 🙂 

You can see A. and E. enjoying our picnic in front of the Senate building in the photo to the left.

After the picnic, we walked around the gardens for a bit, but I was in such a food coma and was running late that I needed to head home and get ready for my second picnic of the day with the other INSEAD partners. So, I left A. and E. in Paris to visit San Chapelle and take a ride on one of the bateaux mouche (boat rides down the Seine river), and headed back to Fontainebleau. 


IMG_2743Once I got home, I hurriedly prepared some things to eat and walked to the forest behind INSEAD to join my friends for a farewell picnic before we all leave for the summer, and some even leave for good to go to the Singapore campus. One of the greatest, but saddest too, things about INSEAD is that the school has two campuses, so often people will leave for one semester or even two to study in the other campus. For example, if all goes according to plans, C. and I plan to go to the Singapore campus for his semester that starts in late October….just when it starts to get chilly here in France 🙂



IMG_2745The INSEAD Partner’s picnic lasted late into the evening and it was really nice to have the opportunity to say au revoir or a bientot to some dear friends we have made here. 

As I was leaving the picnic, I couldn’t help thinking about how it’s almost time for summer break and that we’ve been here for six months already.

Where has the time gone? And, does our time here really ever have to end?


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