Posted by: vlibrizzi | June 22, 2009

Fete de la Musique

To celebrate the longest day of the year, there were music concerts all throughout France yesterday. They call the even the fete de la musique and it seems like almost every little French town has at least one outside concert. There are hundreds of street concerts in Paris, with musicians playing all types of music…from classical to rap music! And, even in our little town of Fontainebleau, there were tons of concerts. 

IMG_2723C. and I opened up our windows yesterday afternoon to listen to the concerts on the stage in front of our building (see photo to the left). First there was a solo guitarist playing US hits by people like Eric Clapton and U2, and then there was a rock band concert later in the afternoon.







IMG_2728We also visited some other outside performances throughout the town and saw a reggae concert  as well as another type of French rock concert (see photo to the left).

It was such a great day and evening that I got to wondering why the US doesn’t adopt the same kind of event.

Could you imagine all major cities and small towns of the US all celebrating on the same day with music and dancing? It seems so European, doesn’t it? And, so very cool.


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