Posted by: vlibrizzi | June 21, 2009

Les Grandes Eaux a Versailles

DSC_0477Last night we took our guests from the U.S. to see the fireworks show at Versailles. We thought it would simply be a cool fireworks show (and the only one we would see this year since we won’t be home for the 4th 😦 )….

But no, what were we thinking? Versailles doesn’t put on just an ordinary fireworks show. Instead, each small garden had it’s own specific show and all of the fountains were on full blast. 



DSC_0427As soon as we arrived, we were surrounded by bubbles coming out of bubble machines as well as classical music coming from hidden speakers. You can see the bubbles in the background of the photo of C. and me to the left. 






DSC_0439Then, as we started visiting the gardens, we realized that each separate garden had it’s own special display. One garden had waterfalls that were lit up with colored lights, and steam machines filling up the ground so that you couldn’t even see your feet (photo to the left)










C.’s cousin and her boyfriend in the fog. So cool 🙂






DSC_0449Another garden (photo to the left) had green light glowing across the top, with a beautiful sculpture in the middle, made to look like it was reaching for the green light (reminiscent of Gatsby anyone?!?!), and with more than 25 fountains surrounding the whole thing. 





DSC_0472In another garden there was a huge fountain (called the obelisk) that shot up different colored lights in time with the music (photo to the left). 






DSC_0443There was also a lake re-enacted a French military battle, with the boat literally rising up the lake, and fake cannons booming. 






DSC_0466And in between the gardens there was beautiful classical music and these blown up “fingers” to guide our way. 

By the time the fireworks started, we were so blown away by the gardens themselves at night that we thought we’d go into sensory overload. 








DSC_0487But, as always, the fireworks were the crowning achievement. They lasted about 20 minutes and were timed with the music broadcasting throughout the park. They had fire shooting up from buckets that lined the lawn (which were also timed with the music) and fireworks of every shape and color. 

It was truly an amazing night! But, the best part is that it’s not a one time thing; Les Grandes Eaux occurs every Saturday night in the summer. Perhaps we could return in August….



Here are some more of our photos from last night: 




















  1. Wow! What a great way to spend a Saturday evening.I love the bubbles, and the fingers/plumes of fire. So glad you, Angela and Eddie had this experience.

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