Posted by: vlibrizzi | June 16, 2009

Sailing in the Mediterranean

DSC_0386For the past four days, C. and I joined 8 of our friends on a sailing trip to the island of Porquerolles off the coast of southern France. Only two of the people on board had ever sailed before (yeesh!), but we all learned pretty quickly. The quarters were tight, the place got a bit smelly (and the people too!) after awhile, but the views were amazing, the breeze felt wonderful, and we all had a great time! 

On Friday night, we arrived in Toulon (a town in the south of France), boarded the 10 person sail boat that we rented, and then made some crepes (sweet and savory! yum!) for dinner. The next day, we headed off for the island of Porquerolles. It took us about five hours to sail there, but we listened to music and sunbathed, so it wasn’t so bad :). That night when we docked on the island, we played a murder mystery game where luckily, neither C. nor I were the murderers. 🙂 Then, we joined the other 6 boats of INSEAD students at a bar in town and danced  to the music of the live band that was playing there. 

The next day, we encountered a bit of a problem—our boat engine broke. So, instead of sailing to another island as we had planned, we stayed on Porquerolles waiting for the engine repair man to arrive (little did we realize that it was Sunday and no one in France seems to work on Sundays). We had a great day though—we walked to a secluded beach, had lunch on the sand, then walked to an old fort to see the views from the top of town (pretty amazing), and then walked to see an old windmill that apparently never even worked! We ended our night by singing karaoke on our boat, and then when it got too loud for our neighbors, we moved to the beach and continued our party there. 🙂

Then, on Monday, C. and our friend who was our captain fixed the motor themselves! No need for repairmen here 🙂 and we were off to sail back to the mainland. We sailed until around 5 pm, made a pool behind our boat so that we could swim in the sea, and then boarded our 4 hour train back to Paris. 

It was a truly amazing weekend! I have attached some of our photos below:



Our first night on the boat! 






DSC_0285A photo of the sunset from the Toulon harbor







DSC_0293Sunbathing on the front of the boat.







DSC_0309Sunset on Porquerolles







DSC_0312One of our friends dressed up for our murder mystery game. Can you guess the nationality of his character? 🙂







One of the other INSEAD sailboats as we were sailing next to them





DSC_0317Our boat at the dock in Porquereolles







DSC_0321Climbing the hill to the beach in Porquerolles







DSC_0329One of the vineyards in Porquereolles. We bought some Porquerolles rose wine to bring home as a souvenir





DSC_0331The five guys on our boat







DSC_0333…and the five girls! 🙂







DSC_0336A view of the beach we hiked to on Porquerolles







DSC_0343There was a 3-D marine exhibit in the fort that we visited so we donned our glasses and looked at weird sea creatures in 3-D. Why not? 🙂





DSC_0344A view of the port of Porquerolles from the top of the fort






DSC_0348C. and I on the top of the fort







DSC_0350The windmill that never worked







DSC_0366The Italians cooking an amazing pasta dinner. I have to get the recipe!!!

For the dinner we had to cook, C. and I prepared fajitas. They were not nearly as good as the pasta the Italians made, or the crepes that the Frenchmen made, but everyone at them, so we were happy 🙂

DSC_0379C. helping our captain fix the engine of the boat







DSC_0382Sailing back to Toulon on Monday






DSC_0395C., the captain!!! 🙂

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