Posted by: vlibrizzi | June 11, 2009

Following the steps (or stomach) of our President

IMG_2709This past weekend, President Obama and his family were in Paris. The visited the Pompidou centre (a museum I still haven’t been to, but am dying to see), and they ate at a restaurant called Fontaine de Mars (which is a place that we’ve been trying to get reservations at for months now). 



So, after reading the article on Sunday about the Obamas’ weekend in the NY Times, C. and I thought we should try our luck once again and see if we could get reservations at Fontaine de Mars sometime this week. We had pretty much concluded that the place would be mobbed this week with star struck Americans (like us!) wishing to sit at the table where our President sat less than a week ago.  But when C. called the restaurant, they shockingly had a table available last night! We jumped on the chance, and met a dear friend from Boston who is in Paris for the week at Fontaine de Mars last night. 

IMG_2710As soon as we arrived, the waiter ushered us up to the top room, which was right next to the private room where the Obamas ate with three of their friends. We asked our waiter how the restaurant knew that they were going to be hosting the President and he said that they had known for about a week that there was going to be a group of American diplomats eating there, but only found out the day of their visit that it would actually be the President and his wife. So then, we asked our waiter how the restaurant manager decided who would have the privelage of serving the President and his posse. And, in a typically French socialist fashion, the waiter told us that the manager just chose the waiter who was normally assigned to serve that particular room that night. It could have been their best waiter or worst waiter, but no matter. Seriously though, I’m sure all the waiters there are great….just like the food.

IMG_2708And the food was amazing! The restaurant serves simple, down home French dishes and wonderful French wine. For example, we started with fresh chevre and pate de la campagne. Then C. and our friend (photo of the three of us to the left) both had the steak frites, which was the same thing that Obama ate, in fact. But, I was drawn to the chicken in a creamy morel mushroom sauce. C’etait tres magnifique! 

We finished our meal with Berthillon sorbets and strawberries with pistachio flavored whipped cream, and had such a great time catching up on all of the Boston gossip that we were the last to leave the restaurant (at around 1 am!). In my opinion, it was the way a true French meal should end…with full stomachs, slightly spinning heads from rich French wine, and great conversation.


  1. First of all, am I an ‘over-commenter’ on your blog? And second of all, you live a dream life!

    • Ha! You’re so funny! You should come visit again in the fall…we can live the French dream life together!

      We’ll be in Boston the first week of August (from August 1-August 6th) and can’t wait to see you and Neil!!! Are you guys free during that week?

  2. YES! We have a wedding on the 1st AND a wedding on the 8th, but that week we’ll be around. I can’t wait to see you guys! Also, I am working for the Boston Ballet this summer…so excited about it 🙂 Ok, maybe this should go in an e-mail instead of a comment, n’est ce pas?

  3. Ach! You got to go! We were seated in the same room… Chicken… yum!

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