Posted by: vlibrizzi | June 2, 2009

some sore feet searching for froyo

IMG_2660Yesterday afternoon while C. was in class, his sister and I went into Paris to do some sightseeing and shopping. 

First, we walked to the Picasso Museum (photo to the left). I heard from friends that this museum was great (three full floors of painting and sculpture by Picasso!), but that it was under construction. So when we arrived, we noticed that some of the walls were under construction, and braced for the worst!

IMG_2662Much to our surprise, though, the museum was great, and the construction did not disrupt things at all. I loved walking through the chronological rooms and observing how Picasso’s style changed so much throughout his life. 

It was also great to have C.’s sister with me to explain some of the paintings that she learned about in her art history classes. 

After visiting the museum, we walked to the Marais to do a bit of shopping. The sun was shining, we were in a great mood, so it seemed like the perfect time to get some yummy frozen yogurt. 

I had visited a great frozen yogurt place near the Marais with some friends a few weeks ago, but wasn’t sure where it was, so C’s sister pulled out her blackberry and we googled the address. According to the directions, the shop seemed a bit farther away than I remembered it being, but we were feeling adventurous and got to walking. 

After about a half hour we came upon a bit of a seedy residential neighborhood where the frozen yogurt place, Pink Berries, was supposed to be. As we got closer to the address, we began to start thinking that the Blackberry was taking us for fools. 

IMG_2663Finally we arrived at the address, and this is what we saw: a wholesale clothing store called Pink Berries! 

We didn’t let it get to us though…and instead of walking back, we gave our sore feet a break and took the metro. 

We stopped at a fun cafe that we visited in October when we were last in Paris together, to have a drink, and soon after, C. arrived from Fonty to meet us for dinner (and to search some more for this frozen yogurt place….we were on a mission!)

IMG_2667After a dinner of yummy falafel (photo to the left), we google searched “frozen yogurt marais paris” and wouldn’t you know…the frozen yogurt place called “My Berry” (not Pink Berry as in the U.S.) was about a block from where we got the idea to have some froyo hours before….before we even started our wild goose chase 🙂

So, even though we were stuffed from the yummy falafel, we just had to buy some frozen yogurt. It was a matter of pride. So we shared a small frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries and kiwi as we walked back to the train station to head back to Fontainebleau.


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