Posted by: vlibrizzi | May 27, 2009

A Day with Monet

DSC_0255Today C., his mom, his sister, and I went to Giverny (a town about an hour and a half drive northwest from Fontainebleau),  which is the town where Claude Monet lived and painted his famous water lillies (see photo to the left) as well as many other of his pieces of art. 


DSC_0219As soon as we arrived, we visited Monet’s perfectly sculpted flower gardens. We heard that over 20 people are employed to keep the gardens in tip-top shape…and they do a wonderful job! Seriously, I think C. and his sister took more photos of flowers than they had ever done before. It was like each flower that you saw was a piece of art in itself. One could easily see how Monet was able to paint so well in those surroundings; just being there made you feel “artistic.”

DSC_0265Then, we visited Monet’s house (photo to the left…unfortunately, they don’t allow you to take photos inside) and were able to see his living room, kitchen, bedroom, and his studio (which is now a very large gift shop). Most of the rooms had photos of Monet in that room. And, just by looking at the photos one could easily see how well preserved everything is in the house. It looks the same way it did when Monet lived there—full of light, bright colors, and warmth. 

DSC_0253Then, we went to the best part of all…the actual pond with the water lillies and the place where Monet put his Japanese footbridge. You can see C.’s sister, mother, and me standing on the bridge in the photo to the left. 

The garden was seriously a beautiful place. It was so quiet and peaceful, with birds chirping and the sweet scent of flowers filling the air….It made me want to become an artist.

Except, I have no clue how to paint. 

So instead, we took lots of pictures and decided to leave the art to the professionals. 



















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