Posted by: vlibrizzi | May 26, 2009

Our day at Roland Garros

IMG_2659Yesterday, C. and I went to Roland Garros (the French Open tennis tournament) with his mother and sister who are visiting from the US. It was a very hot day, but we were so excited to be at the French Open that we rarely noticed the heat. 

We got tickets to Court #1 and saw three amazing matches. Unfortunately, since it is still the first round of the tournament, we didn’t see any major matches, but we did see Maria Sharapova cream some poor, helpless woman 🙂

We spent the whole day there—from around noon until about 8 pm, and could have stayed longer if it weren’t getting dark and the tournament was ending (the court where we were sitting didn’t have lights). 

Here are some more of our photos from yesterday:

This is a view of Court #1 from the top bleacher (luckily, we were sitting closer to the court than here 🙂 )








C. with his mom and sister from our seats at the end of the third match. 







As we walked in, I snapped a photo of the crowds from the entrance. There were so many people there! The tournament has three main courts, as well as many other small courts where low ranked (but really awesome!) matches take place. C. and I stopped to watch one of the at one point, and stood close to court-side!



This is the photo of Court #1 (where we watched three matches). You can see that they project the matches on the main court to the public so that everyone can follow along. 

Also, Court #1 was great because since it was in a circular shape, it held in sound very well, so it was completely quiet during matches, while outside the court, people buzzed around. 



I thought this was a great sign that pointed to the direction of  (and distance to) the other major tennis tournaments.







This is the end of the first match we saw. The number 10 seed Swiss man (on the left) defeated the Frenchman (on the right) in a really amazing, 5 set match! The crowd was obviously cheering for the Frenchman to beat the higher seeded player, and since we’re in France, we joined in on cheering for the underdog.



We stopped for lunch and for a shade break (it was so hot, and sunny yesterday!) after the first match. 







This photo is of Maria Sharapova serving. Just look at the crowds of people in the court! It was an amazing day!



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