Posted by: vlibrizzi | May 16, 2009

Friday night date in Paris: La Madeleine and dinner by the Eiffel Tower

After class today C. joined me in Paris for a Friday night date. We’ve been trying to spend our Friday nights in Paris exploring new neighborhoods now that the weather is warmer, but unfortunately, we haven’t bee able to go there as much as we would have liked. 

So last night we made up for lost time by going to two different neighborhoods: La Madeleine and the area around the Eiffel Tower by the Champs de Mars. 

IMG_2545First, we took the metro to La Madeleine and walked around the streets of the neighborhood. We walked past the church (La Madeleine) where many posh French people still have their fancy weddings. It is such a beautiful building, but it reminds me less of a church and more of an ancient greek temple. Nevertheless, it is a popular place to visit (and to get married too, I guess!).

IMG_2542Then we walked around the streets of the 8th arrondisement (where the Madeleine is). I loved visiting the specialty food stores in the neighborhood, like this one to the left called Fauchon that is very chic (and very expensive) and sells anything from fancy fois gras to too-beautiful-to-eat madelines. Suffice it to say, we just browsed through that store. 




Then, we walked past some other cute, smal specialty shops, like the one in the photo to the left that only sells honey (miel in French). They sell honey soaps, honey flavored dishes, and well, just plain honey too!





And we also walked past this store/restaurant in the photo to the left. that only sells truffles and truffle products like truffle salt, truffle ravioli, etc.. They even have a full menu which we oogled over where every selection (appetizer, entree, and dessert) has truffles in it! We’ll have to try that place out sometime! 



We then hopped on the metro and went from the 8th arrondisement to the 7th. We walked around the area between the Eiffel Tower and Les Invalides to get good views of the tower during the day (see photo to the left), and also to check out that neighborhood. It was filled with yummy restaurants and cute shops, wine bars, etc. And, since the weather was sort of nice (at least it wasn’t raining…like it has been for the past week now!), the area was jumping with both tourists and locals. 






We also walked past this amazing art nouveau house that made us wonder whether we were in Paris or back in Gaudi’s Barcelona, so I had to take a photo to show you. 

Then, once it got dark out (at around 9 pm), we stopped into a restaurant that we found in our Michelin guide called Les Clos des Gourmets. We loved the gastronomique food…especially the veloute (a yummy vegetable soup with thick bacon and escargots), the moroccan flavored veal shoulder, and the meringue topped with fruits and pistachio cream for dessert. Yum!


IMG_2553We walked off our huge meal by taking a stroll around the neighborhood again, in our search to get the best photo of the Eiffel tower at night. I think I took a pretty good one (see photo to the left) but it came out a bit blurry. But C., the crazy camera guy that he is, took some amazing photos on our other camera that we haven’t yet downloaded. 






IMG_2558You can see C. taking one of about a hundred photos of the Eiffel Tower in the photo to the left. When we’re in a particularly photo-worthy place, he gets so excited to take photographs that I can barely pull him away from the camera lens. And, the Eiffel Tower at night….in my opinion, there’s not that many better photos than that!

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