Posted by: vlibrizzi | May 15, 2009

beef carpaccio…on the rocks!

IMG_2541I spent the morning and afternoon in Paris with a friend who lives there. We had fully planned to find a place to get pedicures, but quickly found out that 1) there are not that many nail salons in Paris, and 2) literally, a pedicure in French is something that you get at a podiatrist…yikes!

So we found a place that would paint out toenails, made an appointment for next week (since these places are hard to find, their appointments fill up fast!), and decided to spend our day drinking espresso from my friend’s new espresso machine (awesome!),  having Vietnamese lunch in Chinatown, then walking around a neighborhood of Paris called La Butte aux Cailles (which literally translates to quail or pigeon…so “Pigeon Hill”…am I in Waltham again?), and then walking through a market in the Latin Quarter (see above photo) . 

IMG_2538As we were walking through the neighborhoods, we passed by a shop called Picard ( .

There seems to be a Picard in every major neighborhood in Paris, and there’s even two in Fontainebleau, so I wanted to stop in to see what it sells. As you can see in the photo to the left, as soon as I went in, I thought I entered a sci-fi movie. All the walls are white, there is always a bit of a chill in the air, and the room is surrounded by humming ice boxes.

Yes, Picard is a frozen foods store. All they sell is frozen foods…any kind of frozen food you could imagine!

IMG_2539So as I browsed the selection, I came across carefully wrapped selections ranging from frozen beef carpaccio to frozen chocolate cake. Seriously, the owners of this French chain (that now has some locations in Italy, Luxemborg, and Belgium), really has mastered the art of French frozen food. You could buy prepared meals for weeks in that store and never eat the same thing. For example, I you could make a meal where you appetizer would be frozen salmon tartare, your main course would be frozen sauteed turkey with red wine vinegar, your side dish would be pre-made, ready to microwave potatoes with provencal spices, and your dessert would be frozen petit fours. Sounds yummy, right?

IMG_2540I don’t know yet how I feel about all these frozen food selections. I guess we have a lot of frozen foods in the US, but not whole frozen food stores (that I know of).

Care to weigh in on your thoughts about stores like Picard? Would they work in the US? Anywhere else?


  1. I saw these pistachio-chocolate ice cream cones that looked suspiciously like Drumsticks at the Fonty Picard MONTHS ago and I can’t stop thinking about them. I don’t know why I don’t just go buy them!

    I was amazed at Picard, too. Even Carrefour has good surgeles, though. Maybe we should have an Elbows night where we all bring Picard snacks and bake them in my oven???

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