Posted by: vlibrizzi | May 13, 2009

Barbizon Bites

IMG_2533Last night, C. and I joined some friends for a birthday dinner at a restaurant in Barbizon, the famous town where in the mid 1800s French painters like Millet and Corot set up shop to paint the beautiful French countryside.

We had visited Barbizon a few months ago (when it was cold and we were very hungry) and were really disappointed by the sleepy town that seemed deserted. So, intent on finding a restaurant fast, we quickly drove down one street and left the town to find another place to eat.

But last night, we got to the town a bit early and walked around the Rue Grande. We had no idea how many restaurants there were in the town! And, even more, we had no idea how cute the town actually is!

Of course, we thought the town would be charming (the Barbizon school of artists was founded there afterall), but we really were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the main street and the myriad restaurants lining it.

We had dinner at La Boheme (photographed above and below) and although we ate inside their restaurant, C. and I plan to return sometime soon so that we can sit on their outside terrace when the flowers are in full bloom. The owners were so nice—they even put the flowers we bought for the birthday girl in a vase for us so that they would stay fresh–and of course, the food was really good. But, as always, the best part of the evening was the company.


























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