Posted by: vlibrizzi | May 10, 2009

Box seats at the Fonty concert

IMG_2507As we were walking home from a barbeque at a friend’s house yesterday afternoon, we approached the plaza on which we live and noticed that there were people setting up a stage. Brazenly, I approached one of the workers and asked him what they were doing. He told me that there was going to be a concert at 9 pm—-literally, right outside of our window! We’d have some of the best box seats that you could imagine!

So we grabbed some drinks, put some food together, invited some friends over, and opened up our windows to listen to the music. The concert (which was celebrating European unity and was a PR stunt to get young people to vote in the upcoming EU elections) lasted from 9 p.m. until after midnight, and we enjoyed every minute of it! 

IMG_2510At one point during the concert, I walked outside to take some photos of the concert (see photo to the left and above). Just so you can get a sense, I was standing right outside of our door (and inched my way to the front of the crowd) when I took the photo to the left.




IMG_2512And then I stood in the same place, and just turned around to take this photo to the left of some of our friends hanging out the window listening to the music. So, as you can see, we were literally in front of the stage!




IMG_2516I used to complain to C. about the small size of our apartment (see friends sitting in our tiny living room last night to the left). But after last night, I don’t think I can complain anymore, because even though it’s small, its location is really hard to beat!


  1. Thanks for inviting us over!

    By the way, that last photo in your living room looks like it belongs in an INSEAD publicity brochure or something, with a dry caption like: “Students and their partners still find time to enjoy each other’s company while in Fontainebleau!”

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