Posted by: vlibrizzi | May 9, 2009

My favorite store in Paris

IMG_2490A few months ago, C. and I found what soon became my absolute favorite place in Paris….the Grand Epicerie at the oober swanky department store, Le Bon Marche (photo to the left). 

Although I don’t think I’d ever be someone who could afford to (or who would want to) shop at Le Bon Marche for my duds, shopping at its Grand Epicerie for my foods is definitely up my alley. 

IMG_2491This store is a food lover’s dream! It is huge (I mean, really, really huge!), and honestly, they sell any kind of food that you’d ever dream of buying. From thick slices of foie gras to hard-to-find Indian spices….they have it all!

The store even has a huge American foods section where I used to like to go to stock up on favorites like popcorn and peanut butter…that is, until I found out that our local supermarket in Fonty sells those things (for probably half the price). Oops!

And yes, that’s really the only problem I can see with the Grand Epicerie…the prices are a bit high. But heck, it’s that’s price you have to pay to get a little slice of food heaven, I’m  all in!

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