Posted by: vlibrizzi | April 23, 2009

The real reason we went to Paris today…

img_2433Today I took the train into Paris with some friends to, well,…eat falafel!

I could have said that we went to Paris to visit museums, see sights, or walk through beautifully manicured neighborhoods, but no. We really went to Paris to eat falafel (and to shop). 

First, we visited a small boutique dress shop to try to find dresses for the INSEAD summer ball. Hence, the shopping part.

Apparently, it is customary in Paris to rent formal dresses, much like one would rent a tuxedo, for formal events. I think dress shops in the US should get more into this trend. They’d make a lot more money, and people wouldn’t have to shell out boku bucks for dresses for formal events.

Unfortunately, though, we couldn’t find any dresses that we liked, and, well….we had other things on our mind…

So, we quickly headed to the falafel mecca of France—the Marais. 

img_2431We ate at the restaurant in the photo to the left, but according to my Israeli friend who is a self-proclaimed expert on falafel, all the falafel restaurants are about the same in the Marais. 

The pita was wonderful, the hummus were creamy, the tahini was mildly spicy, and the falafel balls were perfectly fried.

It was well worth the trip.



  1. Sorry I couldn’t come with you guys, but I’m feeling better now… and just watching you eat the awesome L’As Du Falafel pitas makes my mouth water… yum!

  2. Oooh, jealous…I love L’As du Falafel! Keep up the good eating Val!

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