Posted by: vlibrizzi | April 22, 2009

“Gastronomique” Au Gourmand

img_2423After his classes ended yesterday,  C. and I took a train into Paris to walk around a new neighborhood and go out to dinner. We’re trying to make this a weekly occurance so that both of us can try to get to know Paris a bit better…since we live so close by. 

We walked around the Palais Royal and through the Jardin du Palais Royal. You can see the garden’s perfectly manicured trees in the photo to the left.

img_2424Then we visited the galerie Vivienne (in the photo to the left), one of the city’s fe remaining covered passages filled with cute shops. We almost missed it when we walked by because it is literally in the middle of a street and a bit hard to find if you’re not looking for it, but worth the visit if you can find it 🙂

Then, we made our way over to Rue Moliere to a great restaurant called Au Gourmand. According to our Michelin guide, the restaurant “serves traditional cuisine with a contemporary twist,” or what the owner told us is called a “gastronomique.” The food was all made with wondeful, inventive ingredients such as pork cheeks with broad beans mousse or, my favorite, parsnip and peanut cake with fleur de sel ice cream. 

We heard that the best part about the restaurant’s menu though was its vegetarian menu based on Joel Thiebault’s famous vegetables. So, I tried it. 

img_2426And it was a vegetarian’s dream! Everything was so wonderful that I almost thought of giving up meat for good 🙂

But for us, the best part about the restaurant was the service. The owner and waiters were so attentive, and when we left, the owner walked us out and asked us how we liked the place and how we had heard of it (through the Michelin Guide). When we told him that we’re trying to go to as many Michelin-rated Bib Gourmand restaurants as we can, he even pulled out his Michelin guide and recommended a few of his favorites for us to try out! Can you believe it?!?

img_2429As we walked back to the metro, still in a food coma from our amazing meal, we walked by this very funny (and accurate in our opinion) street map. Someone had filled in (in English), their personal highlights (see the Mariais) and low-lights (see the Eiffel Tower) of Paris. We just had to take a photo. See if you agree with the grafitti artist. I posted the photo to the left.

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