Posted by: vlibrizzi | April 12, 2009

INSEAD Section Olympics

img_2357Yesterday after we dropped my mom off at the airport, C. and I went to INSEAD for the annual INSEAD section olympics. While C. competed in the soccer/football games (his section came in first place!), I played petanque (or bocce ball which you can see us playing in the photo the the left) for his section (and we came in last place). Clearly, if you didn’t know already, C. is much more athletically gifted than I am…and I think my petanque ball was the furthest from the small ball each time. But, we had a great time and the weather was wonderful.

img_2358After the games, we enjoyed a great barbeque lunch with friends (photo to the left) and watched other students compete in the other “olympic” games like volleyball, tug of war, and, my favorite, the wheelbarrow race!

Then, once we were energized again, we began the true competition of the afternoon…drinking games. 


img_2361C. helped his team win the flip cup game (see him playing and then celebrating in the photos to the left), but then the rain started and we went inside. 

Athough C. had already played multiple soccer games, he decided that he had enough energy to play squash too. I don’t know where he gets so much energy…I was tired just from playing petanque! 



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