Posted by: vlibrizzi | April 1, 2009

Poisson d’Avril

Joyeaux Poisson d’Avril! Or, as we English speakers say, Happy April Fools Day! 

I’m not sure why April Fools day literally translates to Fish of April  in French. I tried to ask my French teacher today but she didn’t know the history of the word (or of the day either). She just knew that French children (like me!) play practical jokes on their friends (or husbands!) on the first day of April every year. 

So, as you probably already know, April Fools is one of my favorite days of the year.  For the last five or six years, I have successfully played a joke on C., and being the kindhearted person that he is (or the gullible one), he never has caught onto my joke until I said “April Fools” at the end.

This year, however, instead of saying “April Fools!”, I said,  “Je te fais un poisson d’avril!” and, just like every year, he had no idea what day it was and completely fell for the joke…hook, line, and sinker 🙂


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