Posted by: vlibrizzi | March 22, 2009


On Saturday C. went out “bouldering” (climbing big rocks). At first, I was a bit nervous (an understatement….no, I was terrified) about him gripping onto huge boulders in the forest (spiderman-style) with only a thin mattress to cushion his fall, but he came back in one piece and seemed to have a really great time trying out this new sport. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a permanent hobby!

While C. was out climbing boulders, I did some food shopping at the Monoprix and then sat outside at a cafe in town with a girlfriend sipping Chablis and munching on cheese and vegetables. C. and some of our other friends joined us at the cafe later, and then, as the sun went down, we joined some other friends at one of C.s Peruvian friends’ house for a ceviche dinner. The food was scrumptious! I really need to learn how to make ceviche. Ever since we came back from Peru last year, I have been obsessed with it…but I’m not yet comfortable making it myself…something about experimenting with raw fish makes me a bit queasy. 

Then, today, C’s best friend from the U.S. came to Fonty to visit us for the day. We enjoyed showing him around our new “home.” We took him to the market, and made a great lunch together with the food we bought in the market. Then, once we emerged from our food comas, we took tour of the chateau grounds, and then went for a walk/hike in the Fontainebleau forest, where C. demonstrated for us how to “boulder.” I still can’t believe that he climbed straight up at flat rock, but I guess with the proper gear…and will-power…anything is possible.



  1. That picture of the palace is incredible!

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