Posted by: vlibrizzi | March 15, 2009

Pierogies in Paris and a Pink-Themed Tea Party

img_2187We went into Paris yesterday after C.’s soccer practice, and after our tour of the antique cars show in Fontainebleau, and visited the Marais, our favorite neighborhood. First, we went to the Carnavalet museum (photo of C. standing in front of museum to the left). It is a history museum that focuses on the history of Paris, and it has a great floor solely on the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror. Of course, though, as with all of our Parisian adventures, there was a plus and a minus about this particular museum: the plus, it was completely free; the minus, EVERYTHING was in French (no audio guide, no English translations). We used our French skills to translate the museum information, and it helps that so many words about Parisian history are the same or similar in English (i.e., revolution, liberte, fraternite, egalite, etc)img_2188

After visiting the museum, we started walking to another neighborhood to have dinner and literally stumbled upon this amazing Jewish boulangerie (photo to the right) in the Marais. We looked into the window and, bam!…there were tons of amazing looking (and tasting, I might add) pierogies…in Paris! So, of course, we bought some cabbage pierogies (or pierogies du chou) and some yummy nut roll, and ate our food (as you can see me doing in the photo to the  right) as we walked around. But as we ate the pierogies, I kept trying figure out how they made the cabbage in the pierogies taste so good. It had some kind of spice in it…maybe pepper…that really added to the taste. So, for all of the Mitzak women, next year, at our annual Pierogie making day (a day I look forward to all year where all the women in my family get together to make pierogies for our annual Wegelia Christmas eve celebration), maybe we could consider adding some more pepper to some of our cabbage pierogies. I think it would make them taste even better (if that is even possible!)  🙂

Later, we had a really nice dinner, at Au Bourgignon du Marais, of beef bourgignon and steak frites with shallots, and then headed back to Fontainebleau on the 11:30 train. Again, having dinner in Paris was a big plus for us, but the 30 minute walk back to our house from the Fontainebleau train station because the busses stopped running at 10 pm….that was a big minus.

img_2196Then, today…well everything about today was a big plus! The weather was perfect. It was definitely the most beautiful day we’ve had here yet, and that was a good thing because some friends and I organized an outdoor tea party baby shower for another friend who is having a baby in a month. Some friends of ours offered to host the tea party at the pool and deck area of their cute cottage in the countryside (on the estate of a huge gated chateau with a lake,  horses, and sheep…gorgeous!) We had fun talking and enjoying the company and the weather all day. The women ate tea sandwiches, opened gifts, and played shower games, while the men played petanque (or bocce ball as we call it in the states). Overall, the party was a huge success and we had such a great time. In addition to the photo to the left, I have posted some photos of the party below. 
































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