Posted by: vlibrizzi | March 14, 2009

What’s that outside our bedroom window?…

img_2186This morning we woke up to a lot of noise outside of our bedroom window. We live in the middle of town so there is usually some noise, but today the noise was very different. I groggily got out of bed, looked out the window, and…well, you can see in the photo to the right, taken from our bedroom window, what I saw. An antique car show!

So, of course, we had to check it out. We quickly got dressed and went outside to walk around the car show—C. was in heaven looking at all the old cars!

Then, after awhile, we realized how hungry we were so we stopped at a cafe down the street and had some coffee, a quiche, and croissants outside while we watched the crowds gather for the car show. Not too bad for a lazy Saturday morning, huh?

Here are some photos from this morning:



A line of cars parked in front of our apartment and the hotel that is next to our apartment. They were all European cars: Ferraris, Astin Martins, Morgans, Jaguars, etc. and all were in really good condition! 





Here’s C. looking at some of the cars parked directly in front of our window. To know which windows are ours, just look to the right of the photo to where you can see a green awning with the word “Tabac” on it. Our apartment is the three windows right above the green awning, so you can see…the cars were literally parked right outside our window. 




Here I am.

C. took a quick photo of me while I was admiring this old Morgan and the Porsche that was next to it.


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