Posted by: vlibrizzi | February 26, 2009

Navigating my way to chinese cooking class

Last night I went to my second INSEAD partner’s cooking night at the house of a friend who is Chinese. I was actually quite proud of myself because I had to take the train from Paris to her town (which I had never been to before) and then navigate the roads to walk to her place with only a hastily-drawn map. And I didn’t get too lost. So take that GPS.  I can get to where I want to go without you; I just usually get quite lost and frustrated in the process. 

But, after only getting a bit lost (this time) and having to call C. to help me understand my map, I arrived to a house lit up and decorated in a chinese theme (gold and red everywhere). 

I went into the living room to design my chinese cooking hat with the other chefs for the night, and then we made our way into the kitchen to make our dinner.

img_2149The Chinese partner who was our host for the evening, demonstrated how to cook the main dishes for us (a spicy tofu and pork stir fry and steamed bok choy). Then she broke us into two groups, gave each group a stove, and set us to cooking the recipe. I felt like I was on Iron Chef. It was so much fun.

My group, as you can see in the photo to the left, had the portable stove outside. But, we were too busy cooking to notice the nip in the air (or even to grab out jackets). 

Later, we ate our dinner as a big group and had time to chit-chat. It was a great night, and it reminded me again about how fortunate I am to be here. From learning to make food from other cultures, to traveling around France, to taking French classes in Paris, I realize now that it has been a pretty amazing two months.


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