Posted by: vlibrizzi | February 21, 2009

A Saturday stroll in Moret

img_2125It was such a beautiful day today in France that C. and I decided to be adventurous and try to discover some of the cute villages that surround the forest of Fontainebleau. We took a 10 minute train ride to the cute, medieval village of Moret sur Loing (translates to Moret along the Loing river). The town is surrounded by a medieval stone wall and the Loing river. You can see me posing in front of the entrance to the city in the photo to the left.


img_2134The town was also once home to many French Impressionist painters (like Alfred Sisley who is buried there, and Renior, to name a few) who took their inspiration from the views of the banks of the Loing river overlooking the ancient, medieval town. It must be such a great town to visit in the spring when the flowers are in full bloom. You can see why the Impressionists would want to paint pictures of the village. 


img_2144We were inspired by the village too, as you can see in the photo to the right that  we took during our walk. It reminded us so much of the town of Troyes that we visited a few weeks ago with the exposed wooden beamed structures hidden inside the medieval walls.





The photo to the right is of C. feeding the ducks (and seagulls and pigeons) along the river. We didn’t have a baguette, but did have some yummy croquettes in my purse so they got a sugary snack. I hope ducks can eat sugar! 





This photo to the left is another view of the huge, and gorgeous church in the town with one of the many ancient bridges of the town in the foreground (and, of course, some more ducks….they continued to follow us after C. fed them!).









The photo to the right is one that C. took of me walking along the river. You can imagine how beautiful this town will be once the spring begins. I bet this tree-lined path will be breathtaking!






This final photo is of me standing in front of an old water wheel. It wasn’t functioning, and from the look of it, I’m not sure it has been functioning for quite awhile, but nevertheless, it made for a good photo op.



  1. Please put Moret on the list of places I would like to visit when I come to France. It looks beautiful, and I think you are right……with leaves on the trees and flowers in bloom it will be a postcard kind of town. What a nice day you must have had.
    I also just read about the booksigneing with Jhimha Lahiri. She is a wonderful writer I read her first book of short stories on a flight back to the US a number of years ago, and her stories are beautifully written and have a way of remaining with you overtime. She is able to capture what it must be like to grow up, not in the majority culture. One of my favorites is the story of the little Indian girl growing up in a Maine college twon whose family is visited nightly by a Pakistani man whose family remains in war-torn Pakistan.
    How exciting to have heard her read a story, and sign a book for you.

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