Posted by: vlibrizzi | February 14, 2009

“I’ve got a golden ticket”….to Hong Kong!

This img_2065week at INSEAD was Panda Week, five days dedicated to celebrating Asian cutures. The Asian students organized events for every day of the week—mahjong lessons on Tuesday, a Chinese dinner on Wednesday, beer tasting on Thursday, and performances almost every afternoon. You can see C. and his group members at the Chinese dinner in the photo to the right. 

The culminating event of Panda Week, however, was a Chateau party where they were going to raffle off two round trip tickets to Hong Kong. We bought tickets to go to the party on a bus (we still don’t have a car here), but after a long day of classes for both of us, and a very busy week, we were having our doubts about whether we wanted to get on a bus and drive for 40 minutes to the Chateau. 

C. convinced me that we should go and a few hours after we arrived, they had the drawing. We were in another room talking to some people during the drawing, but we overheard someone saying, “The number that won was 316, but they haven’t found the winner yet.” C. and I immediately looked at each other and realized that 316 was our number! 

We ran into the other room, yelling that we had won, and inching toward the DJ booth. C. told the DJ that we had the winning number and he asked for our ticket to prove it. At that moment, C. had a panicked look on his face as he started to rummage through his pockets. He couldn’t find the ticket!

I ran upstairs to where we left our coats, looked through his coat pockets and (luckily!) found the tickets. 

Then, our photo was taken, we were given the tickets to Hong Kong and I felt like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. The whole ride home, I sang to myself, “I’ve got a golden ticket…” 

You gotta love Panda Week!


  1. The story about the ticket really made me laugh. It was Chris and Valerie true to form. I am so excited that you won the tickets and I am certain that Hong Kong is now in your future.

  2. Congrats, Val! It’s awesome you guys won!

  3. unbelievable. two raffles, two wins. you guys are batting 1000 when it comes to scoring big, free trips.

  4. I think its terrific that you guys won the tickets to Hong Kong. Caitlin called at 11 :37 last night. She had just read the blog, and thought we didn’t know about your good fortune.
    I hope you will be able to get involved in planning the week celebrating US culture!
    Enjoy Neel and Sara’s visit.

  5. amazing!!! you guys have the best luck!

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