Posted by: vlibrizzi | February 12, 2009

Feeling like a college student all over again

img_2059I don’t know if it was because of the unseasonably warm weather or the beginning of the spring semester, but the Latin Quarter was hopping yesterday afternoon, and I was enjoying ever minute of it! 

I began my classes at the Sorbonne on Tuesday. And, as you well know from previous posts, I have a clear love-hate relationship with the institution, in general.

On days when I have to deal with French bureaucracy in terms of registration or course selection, I can’t stand the place.

But, on days like yesterday, with the sun blurring my vision, removing my scarf and coat, and walking through the Latin Quarter to buy my textbooks and then hurry off to class, I was completely enamored of the place! 

In the photo above, you can see the Place de la Sorbonne, and students walking to class or having a drink at a cafe. img_2060And in the photo to the right, you can see the Sorbonne, an institution that pre-dates the United States (hence, it’s pretty old!) as it lines the streets of Paris south of the Seine. 

And I found out recently that the Latin Quarter of Paris (the neighborhood that houses The Sorbonne) is so named because when the school was first founded, the classes were conducted only in Latin. How cool would that be!

Thus, with the ornate architecture, the bustling cafes, and the swarms of students discussing philosophy, literature, or, what have you, (but in French, not Latin anymore) it’s a pretty idyllic place. 

img_2061My classes, however, are not in the beautiful buildings in the photos above, but instead they are in the photo to the left, a more modern building right behind the Pantheon.

But, no matter. My classes are great so far and just getting to walk through the ancient buildings to get to my building is a nice enough treat for this Jersey girl. 

As I left Paris on the train yesterday I couldn’t help thinking to myself how much I’m going to enjoy being a student again. Having the ability to take classes without the stress of having a full-time job too, is a dream come true for me. If only college students knew how lucky they are!  But then again, I wonder if I’ll be singing the same tune when final exams come around 🙂


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