Posted by: vlibrizzi | February 9, 2009

Sorbonne, two; me, zero

So today I ventured back to the Sorbonne in Paris for what I thought was my first day of class. As readers of my previous Sorbonne-related post already know, I had my lowest day yet in France when I last visited my future school (where I…gasp!….dipped into the uncharted waters of the “Negotiation Phase” only to happily return to the “Honeymoon Phase” the next day).

Today, the curse of the Sorbonne, sadly, struck again.

After an almost two hour commute into Paris (trains were delayed this morning, I finally arrived (in the pouring rain, no less) to a building filled to the brim with students who had nothing to do and nowhere to go…clearly getting used to their laissez-faire Parisian lifestyle.

Once I found the room where I was to register, I was greeted by a curt French woman who asked for my name, gave me a slip of paper, and quickly tried to shoosh me away.

Aware of the Sorbonne “shooshers” from my last go-around, I planted my feet firmly in the ground and asked, “Where should I go for my classes?” 

“Classes start tomorrow,” she replied as she moved onto her next language-learner victim. 

So, I came all the way into Paris for approximately a 50 second conversation?

Sorbonne, two; me, zero.

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