Posted by: vlibrizzi | February 8, 2009

Day trip to the cathedral in Chartres

People have been telling us over the past few months that the most beautiful church in all of Europe is in a small town about an hour away from us called Chartres, and that we must go visit it. So, always willing to take a suggestion from other travelers, C. and I packed into some cars today with some friends and drove to Chartres to check out the church. Although it was quite cold (C. and I agree that French churches and train stations are the coldest places of all in this country—even colder than outside!), we quickly forgot about our numb fingers and toes once we entered the church. It was truly amazing and breathtaking!

We arrived at the cathedral just as a mass was letting out with the bells ringing and the organ still playing. Fabulous! As we listened to the booming organ that echoed through the expansive cathedral, we walked around inside and were awed by the ornate, but meticulously detailed gothic stained glass and architecture.

We stopped for a quick lunch to get warm (wine and cassoulet always do the trick!), but immediately after lunch we returned to the church to take more photos and try to decipher the Biblical stories pictured in the stained glass throughout the church. We could have stayed in the church for hours longer, but as the organ rehersal began at around 5 pm, we reluctantly walked out the doors, but promised to return again soon.

We wholeheartedly agree with all those people who told us to visit the cathedral in Chartres. It is definitely the most beautiful cathedral I have ever visited.

Of the almost 100 photos we took at the cathedral today, I have included a few below for your viewing pleasure. 























  1. That picture of you in profile looking at the sculptures in relief is terrific!

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