Posted by: vlibrizzi | January 30, 2009

Two hits and a miss…overall a pretty good 24 hours

img_1969 For the past month I’ve been anxious about whether I would be able to continue to be a member of the ‘Fraid Not book club in Massachusetts, a club consisting of some of my favorite MA friends where we would sit around for hours once a month talking about our monthly book selection, but mostly, just catching up. As we said our goodbyes at our last book club in December, I  (a person who has always hated goodbyes) suggested that we do not say goodbye at all, but instead, that I skype into the next club meeting. So, I bought January’s book club selection in the States, read it over the past few weeks, and anxiously awaited our virtual meeting on January 29th. And, luckily, the club meeting went off without a hitch. I skyped into the meeting at midnight (6 pm Boston time) and listened and chatted while they ate and discussed the book. You can see me skyping with them last night in the photo above. It felt like I good old time; sometimes it’s nice to feel that way when you’re so far away from home.

Then (on a high from my successful virtual book club last night) I dared to do the one thing that  I have been afraid to do since we arrived…I actually bought something at the Fontainebleau market. With friends in tow for moral support, I walked to the market this very cold January afternoon, approached one of the cheese stands, asked for a quarter kilo of Comte (my current favorite French cheese) in my best French accent, watched as a woman cut a chunk from a huge wheel of thick white cheese, paid her the correct amount of euros, and was off. I felt like a million bucks! I was so thrilled with myself that I even bought some local honey (to ward off impending allergies in the spring), and some yummy looking baby spinach for the dinner of sundried tomato and spinach tortellini that I will make tonight to bring to a potluck.

The one downfall of my day, though, was the four hours I spent at home, staring at the wall (no, not really….actually, I was reading my next book club book) waiting for the electricity guy to show up to check our meter. He never showed (but do those people ever show up when they’re supposed to…even in the States?) and I wasted away the morning….but two strikes and a miss—not too bad for one day.


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