Posted by: vlibrizzi | January 19, 2009

how do you say “downward dog” in french?

My dad, who is a devoted pollyvoofranzay reader and an all-around stellar guy (I figure that maybe some sucking up may move my blog above the WWP basketball team’s website on his favorites list) told me that he thinks I’m blogging too much about food and that he’s worried I might be gaining weight. So to assuage his fears, I wanted to blog today about my physical fitness endeavors here in Fonty. downward-dog

First, I’ve been walking like crazy. Without a car here, we walk everywhere, and the weather hasn’t been too bad this week (as opposed to the arctic tundra-like conditions of the last two weeks) that I’ve really been enjoying walking around the town.

Also, I’ve been going to the gym on C.’s campus pretty regularly. It’s quite nice, has some interesting classes (mostly filled with INSEAD staff members who take the classes on their 2+ hour lunch break….it’d be great to be french, wouldn’t it?), and has some good workout machines. The only problem that I’ve encountered at the gym though is that the treadmills measure distance in kilometers, much to my chagrin. I noticed this when I ran for 3 kilometers (which I thought was 3 miles) and wasn’t very winded. I thought…wow, I’m in pretty good shape. But then I realized that it was not even 2 miles. Darn metric system!

But the most exciting, albeit a bit frustrating too, fitness experience I’ve had lately was the French yoga class that I attended today. I have to admit that I was a bit worried about attending a yoga class here in Fonty since I speak very little French, but I was excited to get back into practing my sun salutations and other poses. I had no idea what I was in for though….the teacher spoke NO English, and neither did the other students. So while I was supposed to be breathing deeply with my eyes closed, fluidly moving through the poses, my eyes were, in fact, wide open, deer in headlights, staring at the woman in front of me, always a step (or two) behind her. The instructor was very nice, but I have to admit that I think she gave up on teaching me when she told the class to turn to the right, and instead I turned to the left for about the 10th time (but at least now I know the difference between left and right in French…a big achievement, in my opinion!).

I don’t know if I’ll be returning to class until I get a bit better in French, but in addition to la droit (right) and la gauche (left), I did learn some very useful words today…inhale, exhale, relaxation, calm…..words that are tres up my alley lately.


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